AURELIUS focuses on the acquisition of companies with development potential through operational engagement.

AURELIUS acquires companies whose sustainability, jobs and market position are secured and developed by our active operational and financial support.

With a strong capital base, international contacts and a large team of specialists in financial and corporate management we will bring your company back on the road to success.

By capital contributions, the establishment of new strategic directions and operational assistance we can achieve a positive development for our portfolio companies and secure their future. Our responsible actions and sustainable concepts focus on the benefit of all stakeholders.

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Dear Reader,

you might have seen press coverage about an Aurelius and some other hedge funds suing Argentina for repayment of old government debt and these law suits potentially causing Argentina to default on its debt.

This has nothing to do with us!

Aurelius Capital is a hedge fund from New York which was set up a few years ago. The fact that they carry a similar name in North America is an unfortunate coincidence.

We as AURELIUS here in Europe have no connection whatsoever with them and as a matter of fact – beyond what we are reading in the press - don’t even know them.

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